Super extra…. and a little bit crunchy

About Us

My name is Brittany and I am a high school teacher, a self-proclaimed pinterest addict, and mom to Bailey. I am a busy-body and always have some sort of project going on, my friends joke that I never stop and am constantly being too “extra.” Although I have spent the majority of my life chasing the perfect wardrobe, the perfect home, the perfect party, and what I would consider the perfect life, this past year I have learned that the only thing I really care about chasing is my perfect little angel Bailey. Join me on my journey to find joy in the daily, and blend my quest for perfection with contentment in the little things.

Who am I?

I have opened this page to start this blog on and off probably once a week, every single week since February 24th. I have dreamt about starting my own blog for YEARS!!! Why has it taken me so long? Because I am a perfectionist that doesn’t believe in perfection; you may think that you justContinue reading “Who am I?”