My First Blog Post: The Perfect Cookie

The perfect chocolate chip cookie

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? They are a universal classic and every one needs an easy, go-to classic cookie recipe in their hat.

For Mother’s Day, I really needed a new stand mixer. The aqua blue stand mixer that we got for a wedding gift 6 years ago was on it’s last leg, it was leaking oil, and the off setting of the level got sticky so if the thing had power, it was spinning. I started browsing online and saw this Kitchen Aid at Williams and Sonoma, and I could hear the angels sing when I saw it! So classic, so elegant, so beautiful! Surely anything I make in this beautiful thing will just automatically taste incredible!

See how beautiful?!? So naturally it was the only thing I wanted for Mother’s Day….

AND IT CAME!!! Go Lance!

It looks so beautiful on my countertop, like it was made to go there! So naturally, I had to make something in it, but what dish is worth of christening this masterpiece? I decided that since we were having a Memorial Day get-together with my family, the most chocolate chip cookie crazy group I have ever met, I would experiment to find out the best cookie recipe to serve!

I picked 3 cookie recipes to try, and tested them on the toughest critics, Lance’s co-workers! I picked 2 homemade recipes that pinterest proclaimed to be the “world’s best chocolate chip cookies,” and one test group, break and bake Tollhouse cookie dough!

Group 1: Big Chewy Cookies

I chose a recipe from that was all over pinterest, that claimed to be the best chewy cookies. Overall these turned out great! They were super easy to make, no tricky steps like browning the butter or chilling the cookie dough, and baked really well. They were super chewy and according to my critics had a great chocolate chip ratio.

Group 2: Applesauce Cookies

I had read online and had several people tell me that applesauce is a great natural sweetener and that baked goods made with applesauce are extra moist and sweet, so I was curious to test their popularity. I used this recipe, which was also highly rated and re-pinned on pinterest These cookies came out almost cake-like in consistency, and although they were not awful, they surely were not a crowd favorite.

Group 3: Tollhouse Break and Bake

These were obviously the easiest of all, you just break the cookie dough bits apart and place on the cookie sheet. 12 minutes and only one dish later, you have cookies!!! These were a universal crowd pleaser as well, but did come out rather small for my taste.

So who was the winner!?!

After the blind taste-test, I was told that option 1 (traditional homemade) and option 3 (Tollhouse) were very comparable in tast and Option 1 won based on the sole fact that the cookies were double the size and had more chocolate chips! But what was my take-away from 3 hours in the kitchen and 2 dishwasher loads of dishes? If the homemade ones took so much effort, and taste-wise were comparable to the super easy premade cookie dough, is it really worth the extra effort? I decided that none of these are perfect, but you know what is? Tiff’s Treats and Great American Cookie, both of which are within a 10 minute drive of our house!

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