Who am I?

I have opened this page to start this blog on and off probably once a week, every single week since February 24th. I have dreamt about starting my own blog for YEARS!!! Why has it taken me so long? Because I am a perfectionist that doesn’t believe in perfection; you may think that you just read this wrong, but you didn’t. I do not believe that perfection exists in our world, yet I am constantly striving to create my version of perfect. Fear of failure, fear of judgement, and fear that my version of perfect may not live up to another person’s standards have always held me back in chasing my dreams.

Why now?

  • Marie Kondo, that’s why!!!!

I have always been focused on creating, creating the perfect wardrobe (thanks Nordstrom and pinterest), the perfect home, planning the most fabulous party theme, ect. In my pursuit of all of these things that I thought would bring me happiness, I accumulated so much baggage. Literal baggage in the form of material possesions, boxes upon boxes of discarded home decor that no longer fit my pinterest-created image for my spaces, party supplies that I may or may not ever use again (but what-if?!?), and a closet full of clothes that didn’t suit my life, because they were inspired by women on the internet that dress up for work everyday and wear high heels to target (yeah, right). But also emotional baggage, wondering why I never felt content, dealing with a frustrated husband due to my constant shopping, and spending so much time improving things, that I neglected nuturing relationships with loved ones.

But wait, isn’t Marie Kondo’s method about home organization? What does that have to do with blogging?

  • Marie’s book is called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” and it literally changed my life!!!!
  • Tidying my home and deciding if each item brings me joy taught me what really matters to me. Which turns out to NOT be how many shoes are in my closet or the 5,000 picture frames I had strewn about the spare bedroom waiting for a home, despite what my credit card statement says.

Once I cleared my home of unneccesary items, it was like a fog lifted out of my brain. I enjoy my morning walk with Bailey more because I am not stressed out about the laundry piling up (I don’t even have enough clothes for laundry to pile up anymore!!!), or the mess of random things strewn about the living areas (because there is nothing random left in my house that doesn’t serve a purpose AND have a home). I think more clearly about what I WANT to do instead of what I HAVE to do, because I am doing with less. And I love it. I am creating with what I already have. I am thriving. I am living my best life.

All of this to say, I want to share with you! Not just Marie Kondo, but I may do a post or 2 (or 5) about that, but about our adventure. My life with Bailey, our creations, our dreams, and our fun! And although I am no longer seeking perfection, I have realized that home design, fashion, and party planning do bring me joy, just without the excess and pressure! So if you got this far, and want to follow along, we would love to have you!

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